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Tindering Through Canada (Part I)

When I embarked on my road trip across Canada I was a Tinder rookie. I’d only been using it for a few weeks, although I felt I was off to a strong start with a few dates under my belt that involved a plethora of outdoor activities with a few nice guys, while I was in Massachusetts.

My trip kicked off in St-Georges and Stoneham, in the providence of Quebec. I connected with my fair share of matches, but wasn’t able to make an offline connection happen. Although, I was able to get some good gouge on things to do, something I’d found Tinder perfect to gain. I began to realize working with a tighter time frame of availability complicated things a little…I would later tweak my profile to add how long I would in fact be in what location.

My first date didn’t happen until I got to Ottawa. It was the 4th of July, I was staying in a hotel downtown, and one of my matches was willing to come meet me at a pub close by. Meeting a match for a drink, coffee, or meal was not my preferred method of connecting, but under the circumstances (I wanted to get out because watching the fireworks on T.V. was a little depressing) I agreed to meet him.

He was an awful Canadian first date. Former military guy, turned private contractor, he was pretty full of himself and had no interest in anything I had to say. During our messaging, he had never asked me any questions, so I should have known what he was going to be like.

From Ottawa…all the way to Calgary, I was in a Tinder desert. I had matches, but no worthwhile conversations and no offline connections. My next date was in Calgary, and once again with a military guy, an artillery officer.  We met for a coffee and walk in the park. This guy was definitely interested in what I had to say and free flowing with compliments and his attention. I’m pretty sure he was looking to make out, which wasn’t going to happen. I enjoyed our chat, but our interaction was far from having a make out session potential, nor would I do that on a first date. He was not from Calgary, so off he went when we parted ways back to wherever, and I unmatched him shortly thereafter.

I had lots of messaging buddies in my week in Calgary. One guy I was supposed to meet for kayaking thankfully showed his true colors before we met and I avoided what would have likely been a horrible meet up.

My one other date while in the Calgary area was for some mountain biking. The guy ended up being a few hours late, but he did bring me a fruit smoothie. He proceeded to get us lost on the trail—it was tough start that didn’t get any better. The conversation wasn’t flowing. He never allowed me to finish my thoughts or stories because he was ready to outmatch whatever I had to say.

I was beginning to think Tinder might not pan out for me after all. Or maybe it was the Canadian men…