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Not Seeking Your Voice But that Of God

Somewhere along the election cycle, like many others, I got swathed into the madness. I watched every debate (primary and general), read excessively and engaged in my own debates. I did not however get personally involved in campaigning.

I’m not one known for getting personally involved in well…anything. Not one for enduring personal discomfort or stepping out of my comfort zones in support of a cause. It’s just not what I’m known for. A fact, particularly as a Christian, that has bothered me for many years and that I’ve prayed about.  

Since the election results, I haven’t wanted to stop posting political posts or other similarly controversial content because of my desire to expose the incredible amount of hate, pain, and fear that has been raised to the surface. People with various opinions, to include those of opposite views have been commenting on my posts. On some comments I’ve replied, while others I’ve read and just let them be. Their views serve to help me grow and solidify my own perspective, while unveiling my shortsightedness in other areas. It also either grows or narrows the lense with which I see those commenting, but I can’t claim to know who they are, or what’s truly on their hearts. Only God sees all and knows all. None of the issues I post about are beyond what God can do or change.

Throughout history and world events God has called Christians to serve in special and sometimes particular ways. It’s made me wonder—what does missionary work look like in a world like today…particularly in a divisive political climate that is spreading fear and hate?

Which lead me to pray: “Father, I pray for your guidance and leadership of where to get involved, where you want me to bring your presence and testimony.”

God knows where the enemy is working inflicting the most pain, promoting hatred, and destroying the lives of His children. Living the Christian life isn’t about prosperity, blessings, and comfort (although God does provide for all of our needs). Quite contrary, it’s about looking at the pain, sorrow, and hate straight in the eyes and bringing to it the message of the Gospel, which is the only solution for freedom and healing. Jesus conquered all on the Cross and His followers are armed with His promises. God has quite the soft spot for the poor, broken, and the least of them who are ignored by society.

I seek to know where God is calling me to serve within the turmoil growing in our society. The posts are igniting something in me. They are kindle to a fire ready to burn for God when He clarifies the way. I’m not seeking to hear my and your voice—I’m seeking to hear God’s voice.