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Democrat and Pro-Life

Before you were even born, God knew who you were and how your life would unfold. It’s true of the woman who becomes pregnant and becomes filled with fear, anxiety, and dread because she has no idea how she can possibly provide for a child or comprehend the changes this pregnancy and child mean to her life. It’s also true of the child that was conceived. God knows what his plans are for all of us.

The world and the enemy work to derail God’s plans for us. The enemy has done an excellent job. The world, especially the United States is not a welcoming place for a woman who is pregnant, on her own, working a low paying job, and under the pressures of making something of herself. As a non-believer, without the knowledge of God’s love, faithfulness, and strength to see her through this immense challenge, she sees no options, no other way.

I’m a Marine. I know that to defeat my enemy I must get into his OODA loop. That is interfere with his decision cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act. I have the most powerful tool known to man to help me defeat the enemy. The Bible.

The Bible serves no purpose when you throw it at people instead of reading it and applying its principles. Jesus said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

Throughout the Bible the theme is clear, I’m tasked with putting God and others before myself, while doing so God will take care of me and all my needs. I don’t need to worry about myself, God has that covered and frees me to focus on those in need, suffering, and lost.

If only there was a political party that placed the wellbeing of the whole (its society) above that of individuals in that system…

Perhaps a party that aims to improve all Americans way of life through fair living wages, affordable education, protecting the environment, universal health care, and the implementation of programs that provide for the poor and needy.

Yes, a party that is in alignment with establishing a foundation for all its citizens to have their basic needs met. A party that wants to increase women’s right by providing equal pay, maternity leave, and reproduction rights and care.

A party that creates a society where selfish ambitions are not the primary objectives but rather the focus is placed on improving all aspects of our society.

Imagine now, that woman becomes pregnant, and finds herself surrounded by options and ways to continue on the path she’d imagine for herself, although it might be slightly altered. Imagine now, she is not reacting from fear, dread, and anxiety. Perhaps she’s still uncertain, but no one is judging her, limiting her options, or trying to dehumanize her. God has a plan for her life and the life of that child. God is in control. God places one of his obedient servants in her path, and she’s in a good place to listen to the messenger because the enemy is not in control. She uses her free will, to choose life.

God gave everyone free will. You can’t control people’s rights and claim to be doing the Lord’s work. God wants all of His children to freely come to Him to love and worship Him. The more you try to control others in the name of God, the more people you lose to His Kingdom and you will have to answer to God for that. The only thing you should be “forcing” on anyone is the example of God’s love.

You can attack me and call me a socialist all you want. I lived in Germany for two years. I witnessed what happens in a society where work and life balance exist and families are placed at the center. Germany has a powerful economy, strong industries, and constant innovation…on top of that, work days end, stores close, the madness stops, and people go home to their family. The family matters because people aren’t obsessed with surviving or thriving to outdo their neighbors. Same happens in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden – all the countries with the highest quality of life and life satisfaction.

You can’t call yourself pro-life when don’t support anything that has to do with living.