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Lifting the Vail: Source of Madness and Chaos

For a vast majority of people around the world it feels like madness and chaos has been unleashed on the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

I found myself wrapped-up in it: the rolling out of Executive Orders like those to ban Muslims and change the members of the National Security Council, the use of alt-facts aka the lying, the appointment of unqualified individuals to fill his cabinet, the firing of the acting General Attorney, his shadowy allegiance with Russia, and the alienation of Allies…just to name a few.

I was in prayer every day praying to be at peace with it all, although I felt like the American way of life was being torn apart and the Constitution hung out to dry. How could I help? Make an impact?

Then yesterday, upon reading a post from a known Christian and seeing him use the slogan “America First” – the Lord spoke to me. I made this video to explain God’s message. But the bottom line is, the very words “America First” are from the devil. IT’S GOD FIRST.

We are to never put anything or anyone above Him. We hand the devil a victory when we loosen our tongue and thinking. Remember, the devil is extremely sneaky.

I was also convicted by the Holy Spirit yesterday for my mindset and hardening heart towards fellow Christians. My disappointment in people claiming to be Christians but speaking and acting nothing like it, was upsetting me.  The Holy Spirit made me realize this had to stop, I was preaching love but hardening my heart towards my brothers and sisters—this would not do. I’ve been called to help Christians live Christ Centered life, so instead of being upset by them not living their lives accordingly, I should offer my help.

Also made a video to explain my conviction and to make an apology.

Today, the Lord told me to stay out of politics. It’s not what I expected Him to say. I was all fired up to be part of the resistance, but He opened my eyes.

There’s no stopping the madness and chaos—it’s part of His plan. Some of my Bible studies right now are in Revelation where God reminded me that someday we will all bare a mark, it will either be the seal of God or the sign of the beast.

What He’s doing right now, with all the unrest, is lifting the vail. It’s God giving us all a chance to open our eyes and be clear on where we stand with Him. Are we saved and living our lives according to His word, fully dependent on Him, or, are we faking the funk and living by false claims.

God is shaking up the world and how each of us copes, deals, and handles the quiver is revealing the truth of our faith. Whatever is revealed can be changed or strengthened.

If you’re looking to change and need help living a Christ centered life. Contact me.