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The foundation to happiness, success, and really anything you wish for is you, or more specifically, your awareness of yourself—better known as your self-awareness. Your ability of being aware of your traits, behaviors, character, motives, and feelings or aspects of the self, lead to the psychological state of self-awareness.

The two primary reasons you don’t have the level of self-awareness you should is because

1. You don’t invest the time in getting to know yourself

2. You rather avoid the truth about who you are – than face and deal with what you discover.

You likely invest more time in getting to know other people than you spend getting to know who you are; forgetting you are an evolving and ever changing being.  Who you were last week, last month, last year isn’t necessarily who you are today. Thoughts, events, other people and a plethora of other things impact who you are and are becoming…especially if you don’t constantly stay attuned to all that happens to you.

Being Yourself

I’m not entirely sure how many people actually know what “being yourself” means or feels like.

Do you have a multitude of selves? Self at work, home, amongst friends, relationships and in other situations. Are too afraid to just be yourself; do you fear not being liked, not fitting in, what other people think about you, say about you, not meeting expectations…and the list goes on. Are more preoccupied with being what you think the situation requires and what others want of you rather than being yourself?

Does fear of being yourself drive you to buy things you don’t need? Act in ways that are out of character? Follow the crowds of other people? Do you listen to what other people have to say, worry about what other people are thinking and end up being easily influenced?

Being yourself means you are comfortable and happy alone, by yourself. Being yourself means you fully trust, know and obviously believe in yourself. Being yourself most definitely means you love who you are. You don’t judge, criticize, and minimize who you are.  You don’t put yourself down. You embrace your strengths and your weaknesses. You are grateful for who you are.

When you are free to be yourself, you don’t engage in drama, you don’t do things to gain and attract attention.  You don’t talk about other people or compare yourself to other people.

Knowing and being yourself means you know why you do what you do.  You do things for yourself and when you do things for others; you do them consciously of the reasons why, you are doing them. When you are being yourself, you have nothing to prove to anyone – you only have to prove things to yourself. Your goal is to be a better version of yourself every day.

Self-Awareness and Change

For change to happen, personal or organizational, it must be initiated from a sound foundation. The formula of how to get there from here cannot be implemented if the starting point isn’t properly identified.

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