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How often do you interact with yourself? Talk to yourself and with yourself?

When you read “self-talk” did you link it to needing to have positive self-talk?

The title “Talk to Yourself” would be more fitting. However, it still possesses a negative connotation—especially if you live in NY, often take the train, and run into people who talk to themselves in public.

What would I find out if I were in your head? What is your relationship with yourself?

The best way for me to explain self-talk is to give you my own personal experience.

If you were in my head. You’d find I constantly check-in with myself. I often ask myself: “How are you doing?” “What’s going on?” “What are we thinking, feeling, focusing on?”

It’s two best friends being raw, honest, and supportive of each other. It’s my conscious self—checking-in with my subconscious self. I rarely exist on auto-pilot although I’ve programmed my auto-pilot (subconscious programming) to be supportive, encouraging, and positive.

I constantly do a check on my programming and baselines while systematically evaluating new data, information, and inputs. Because I’ve trained myself to do this—it’s just part of how I interact with myself.

But that’s the key here. I have a relationship with myself and I interact multiple times a day between my conscious and subconscious.

I personally don’t do mantras or affirmations. I do conversations with myself. I discovered what worked for me.

Initially a lot of my conversations were with my inner child. She was hurting, in pain, alone, scared, and worried. I took care of her and she grew up. I nurtured and matured my subconscious. Now, instead of being a child—she’s mostly the women I aim to become. A greater version of my conscious self, so sometimes, she can get impatient, disappointed, and discouraged.

Interesting flip. Don’t you think?

This is why self-awareness and mastering your thoughts are so critical. You have to find out who is who in the zoo of who you are.

Talking to yourself will start revealing what you need to tell yourself.

Self-Talk and Change

Again, for me, it’s a partnership. It’s letting myself know I want to go from here and get to there. Understanding the steps necessary and supporting myself through the process. When I have setbacks, encounter limitations, or disappointment—a part of me either, my conscious or subconscious, will be the strength, guidance, and support I need (big part is also prayer and God). Or I will seek out outside motivation, inspiration, and help.

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