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Thought Mastery

Thought Mastery

Thought Mastery

Take a couple deep breaths and try to clear your mind. Now, what’s the first thought that came into your mind?

Surprised by your thought(s)?  How many thoughts did you have and did you realize how quickly they switched and bounced around once you started thinking again?

The quantities of our daily thoughts are astronomical – we have between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day depending on what’s happening in our lives, what we are in engaged in, and our creativity level. The sheer quantities of our thoughts almost ensure a lack of valuable quality to them which is problematic because our thoughts do indeed create our realities (it’s not just a cheesy cliché).

Change takes place through reprograming your thought process and what you tell yourself. The tricky bit is that you have years of programing that resides in your subconscious mind which controls much of thoughts and therefore your actions, behaviors, and emotions. It’s not so much necessary to dig up everything that’s in your subconscious—as it is to choose and select what you now insert in there.

Trust me, as you work on reprogramming your subconscious mind—what’s there will make itself known and you’ll need to address it.

Power of our Thoughts

There is no way to fully grasp the true power of your thoughts; the fields of psychology and neurology are relatively young and discoveries are made all the time. However, while the scientists are busy studying, theorizing and making discoveries – you can be busy exploring your own thoughts and unveiling their powers in your life.

If it feels like I’m asking you to become your own head shrink as you are reading this – you’re right!

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

I believe it’s safe to assume you have heard it on multiple occasions that your thoughts create your reality. However, you might not necessarily know why. There are three major factors that make this saying true:

  1. What you think about is where you invest your time, energy and focus.
  2. What you think about is what generates (in most cases) your feelings and emotions.
  3. What you concluded (through your thought process) happened is what you walk away believing

Your Time, Energy and Focus

You live in a world filled with limited resources  and time – it might not seemed that way all the time, but it’s true, which means the what, how, why, whom and where of how you spend your time, energy and what you focus on need to be very important and a high priority to you.

How do you figure out how you decide where to spend your energy and what to give your focus and attention to?

It is what you think about that receives your time, energy and focus. Additionally, whether you are conscious or unconscious of what you are thinking about doesn’t matter – it still gets your energy and focus.

Ever found yourself off-track and wondering why all of the sudden you were doing something totally different?

Ever caught yourself doing something and wondering “what made me think to do this?”

Your thoughts control your actions. You must become intimately familiar with your thoughts so you are in charge and in control – stop allowing your thoughts to hijack your time, energy and focus. 

The quality value of your thoughts leads to better use of your energy, time, and focus.  Better quality use of your time, energy and focus lead to higher quality of life and fulfillment.

It does require self-awareness because it is your level of self-awareness that dictates what quality use of your time, energy and focus will lead you to a happier, more peaceful, and happy life, a.k.a. reality.

Trigger to Feelings and Emotions

The majority of your feelings and emotions are triggered by what you are thinking about (aside from feelings and emotions tied to survival). Some people have a hard time believing this because they’ll find themselves feeling sad and say to me “I wasn’t thinking about anything sad or depressing – I just all of a sudden felt sad” My reply to this is “Not that you were aware of, in your subconscious there’s a link to what you were doing and thinking and sadness…you just didn’t know it.”

Remember you have between 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day, how many of those thoughts are you actually conscious about? What did you collect and imprint to your subconscious as a child and in your lifetime?

If you haven’t trained yourself to be conscious of your thoughts, programmed what to input in your subconscious, and trained yourself how to think properly; you are one of millions of people who are for the most part clueless about what they think about. You do however, still fall prey to those thoughts, and the emotions and feelings attached to them.

I’m rarely caught by surprise by any type of sneaky and unsuspected feeling or emotion because I have spent decades asking myself every single time I felt feelings and emotions: “Why do I feel this way?” I also reprogrammed my entire subconscious and thinking process, but it started by me wanting to know the answers to: “Why do I feel this way?”

How often do you stop feeling and start asking “Why do I feel this way?” It’s much more common for people to allow their feelings and emotions to wash over them and take them along for a ride. You hardly ever end-up anywhere good, happy or worthwhile when you just allow your emotions and feelings to sweep you away. 

In regards to your reality, it really doesn’t matter what it actually is since whatever loose, runaway, delinquent thoughts you happen to have can trigger a barrage of emotions to come crashing down on you and make your reality what they want it to be.

The only way to stop that from happening is to be in charge and control of your thoughts.

Fact, Fiction, and Your Thoughts

Really funny thing about reality – reality doesn’t imply past, present or future so the meaning of the saying; your thoughts create your reality, doesn’t apply to any given time frame. It doesn’t apply solely to the present or the future; it’s tied to time’s entire continuum.

It’s not entirely true you can’t change the past – we actually often do every time we decide how we are going to think about it.

Everything is a conclusion of what happened according to what you decided to think and conclude about it. I know this is confusing. Let me try to simplify it. A version of yourself (when the event happened) concluded to feel, think, react and view an event in your life a certain way. A newer, wiser, more mature, self-aware and confident version of yourself can look back at this event and now choose to have a different conclusion; therefore, changing your reality of the event. In doing so, this often time can release whatever negative emotions that were tied to this event.

Thought Mastery And Change

Mastering your thoughts is the key to your universe and making change. The majority of the road blocks to change are internal, within your mind, and thinking process. It’s excellent news because it means you can control it. However, you must commit the effort to it.

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