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Always Do What it Takes

Always Do What it Takes

Always Do What it Takes

There’s one major thing that has always bothered me about the outcome of WhyGoSolo and that’s the fact I didn’t move to Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, I would’ve had a better shot at raising money, having the vision behind what I was doing understood, and making the contacts I needed.

I knew I needed to move there. But I didn’t move.

I didn’t do everything I knew I should to increase my odds of success.

With #365FirstsChallenge, I will not have a pending option, doubt, hesitation, or question over me. I will do whatever it takes.

It’s one thing to not know. I mean—that’s still going to cost you—but at least you didn’t know better. It’s whole other matter to not want to try, act, ask, or sacrifice.

I understand and realize, I absolutely cannot afford the luxury of not wanting to do something my business needs.

It can certainly be a great thing because it’s part of being an entrepreneur pushing my growth, but it can also result in having to do things or make a decision, more than likely in the form of a sacrifice, that’s tough to do.

Gotta be in it to win it! Always Do What It Takes!!

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