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Balance Vision and Expectations

Balance Vision and Expectations

Balance and Vision

I wrote about having a vision in Having a Vision and Passion because being an entrepreneur is not sustainable without it. There are too many days with no progress, bad news, setbacks, and disappointments when the only thing to hang on to is the vision that started it all in the first place. 

But a vision, to be effective, requires certain levels of splendor and awe factors—which can lead to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations can lead to getting overwhelmed, disappointed, and lost of motivation.

What I’ve learned to do is take my grandiose vision, slice and dice it into manageable pieces, then set expectations. This translates into setting goals and milestones to a timeline. It focuses me on the smaller, more practical, and executable actions I can take, which overtime, will bring the greater vision together.

I had the concept of that approach with my other businesses but I didn’t properly put it into practice. I tried to take too many big bites and leaps, which didn’t pan out, and eventually left me feeling defeated.

I won’t lie that this is a challenge for me. I can be overly ambitious and confident in my abilities while forgetting many things are not directly in my power or control. Sure, it they were and I could impact all things then perhaps I would constantly deliver on my expectations. Unfortunately, it isn’t so.

Every business is a new opportunity to get this right and to strike the right balance.

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