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Being Obsessed and Driven

Being Obsessed and Driven

Being Obsessed and Driven

My obsession = building something worthy of my potential

It’s my obsession to chase the passionate visionary who wants to have an impact on the world!!

My drive = constantly growing, molding, and improving who I am

I can’t say for sure when it became a crusade between myself and reaching the version of myself who can deliver the purpose I believe I’ve been assigned, but I do know, the entrepreneurial pursuit is a huge part of the equation. It isn’t a matter of being unhappy with who I am, quite the contrary, it’s aching to live up to who I was created to be.

This woman who is amazing, brilliant, and making big things happen while changing many lives.

It’s like being in a desert for days, dying of thirst, and seeing a beautiful oasis that is beyond anything you’d ever imagine and grasping out for it with all you have to give in order to reach it. That’s the mirage or version of me that is always within my grasp, but yet, out of my reach. While I’m very much content in who I am—I shall never be fully satisfied. That is the obsession.

I’ve lived my life facing my fears, therefor, long ago, I overcame any fears tied to the power, strength, abilities, and talents I possess. Once I stopped fearing greatness – I could be motivated by it.

I also fought my demons: depression, suicidal thoughts, and the pain of coming short of being the woman in the mirage.  I made this my drive.

The irony is just how much I suffered because I thought I would never reached the best version of myself. That is, until I realized, there’s a better version of me that awaits to wake up tomorrow based off of what I do today.

The passing of time and the aging process has allowed me to look back on the seeds I’ve planted, the plans I’ve made, and the things I’ve achieved with perspective of how progress and improvements are materialized.

It’s not done overnight. However, what we do, learn, and think always accumulate in meaning, significance, and outcome over time. The key is to never stop improving, growing, and aiming to be a better version of ourselves.

It’s a risk to go guns fully loaded in pursuit of everything you believe yourself to be. However, doing anything less, is coming short of living a full life.

A war is won through many battles. Even small steps forward can add up to a huge leap when calculated over time.

The obsession is executed because of the drive. The drive is fueled by the obsession.

The mixture of the two makes me unstoppable even when the obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments arise. I’ve learned through failure and experience to have a better outlook.

Limitations identify opportunities to grow.

Obstacles identify opportunities to be creative and resourceful.

Setbacks identify better ways to do things over again.

The entrepreneurial pursuit is an intensified and quickened version of life where much of everything to be successful in life must be applied in a timely, accurate, focused, and impactful fashion. That’s why learning curves are steep. Decisions are an obligation. Mistakes (if they happen) must happen quickly and not be repeated. Experience is valuable. Resources can’t be squandered. It’s not a solo undertaking. And meaning, value, and satisfaction are required.

It is in this intensified state that the most growth occurs. It’s the path to feed to my drive and obsession. It’s a path that requires being obsessed and driven.

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