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Having a Vision and Passion

Having a Vision and Passion

Having a vision and passion


Entrepreneurs and leaders are gifted with the ability to see things and people not only as they are but what they could be. There are always gaps to be closed or exploited and a higher level {of fill in the blank} to be achieved.

The Gift is a Blessing and Curse

I’m blessed and cursed with the ability of seeing the possibilities and potential in all situations, circumstances, people, businesses, and organizations I’m given enough time to observe, research, and learn about.

It’s a blessing because I can always find opportunities and options – ideas for change, improvement, and growth.

It’s a curse because whether it’s people or organizations–rare are those ready to take the necessary risks, step out of the norm and comfort zones, or put in the work, effort, and energy into bringing a vision to reality.

In the Marine Corps, I witnessed units and commanders who lacked vision and staffs who failed to raise to the challenge of executing on a vision (that’s a whole other conversation about leadership).

I have been immensely blessed with seeing my vision for Marines under my charge and sections I’ve led thrive and achieve. Nothing is more rewarding.

As an entrepreneur, particularly with WhyGoSolo, I have failed to deliver on the vision I inspired others to follow, and in the process, I let down people who believed in me. Nothing is more devastating.

The Double Edge Sword

Then, there’s also the level of vision I maintain in my mind for all of the things I want to achieve, create, and materialize. The possibilities and potential I see in myself and my ideas are another double edge sword.

On one end, it’s what drives, motivates, and energizes me.

On the other end, it’s what can rub me of my happiness, joy, and motivation when I fall short of what I envision—if I allow it.

I can’t be all things to by overall vision.

Vision Alone is not Enough

Having a vision is a necessary first step as an entrepreneur—knowing, understanding, and possessing the skills and obsession to slice, dice, and follow through on that vision is where the rubber meets the road.

That’s when and where things like having proper resources, mentors, support, and experience are critical to succeed.


What comes first? Passion or vision?

A vision goes a long way in fueling passion

In my last billet in the Marine Corps, I worked as an Exercise Planner—a billet (job) I had never done before. Once I completed my research and familiarized myself with my duties; I rapidly developed a vision for what I aimed to achieve and provide the Staff. My vision fueled my passion and I proceeded to bust my ass to deliver. My passion was appreciated by some but not by most. While I had an excellent vision, it was a vision the leadership above me needed to share and communicate. I managed to uproot the status quo and provide an exercise above anything that had ever been accomplished but it was at great peril to me.

It frustrated me how lacking others were of both passion and vision.

A passion can ignite a vision

I had no inherent passion for anything related to that job, but I did have a vision for the potential of helping the Command make positive strides towards being more prepared to execute their mission.

And that is ultimately the passion that’s embedded in who I am–the endless desire of making people and things better.

Every entrepreneurial endeavor I’ve ever pursued has been tied to helping people lead better lives in one way, shape, or form.

It’s my passion and it will never die. I always return to it.

My visions are rooted in my passion.  And my passion burn hot because of my visions.

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