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Making the Necessary Sacrifices

Making the Necessary Sacrifices

Making the Necessary Sacrifices

Probably the biggest concern about reclaiming the title entrepreneur is the level of commitment it requires and therefore the sacrifices it entails.

There’s no way—particularly in the early years of building a startup— to have life balance. It’s impossible. The needs of the business are too great, many, and crucial to delay, overlook, or neglect them—which means, other aspects of life have to take a backseat for a while.

Now, in my case, it helps I don’t have a family of my own that requires my time and energy.  Somewhat by design—although, I’m not solely going to point to my entrepreneurial pursuits has the reason why I’ve stayed single and without children. My other life choices, like joining the Marine Corps at 17, have also been unconventional and a factor. However, knowing my entrepreneurial tendencies and propensities, and that I would place those above anyone else in my life, made it rather clear—I shouldn’t invest in a relationship.

But other relationships in my life, such as those with my immediate family matter a lot as well and have suffered in the past. I’m acutely aware of needing to keep an investment of my time to continue to nurture them. Thankfully, it helps immensely my family is interested in what I’m doing and supporting it—this way, the engagement can be dual hatted. My family have been sharing first times with me and doing first times to promote the #365firstschallenge.

It’s also by design my business is tied to what matters to me most—that way, now only do I get to keep having new experiences—it’s a requirement. I don’t have the same freedom in my ability to travel and do other things I love because financially the investment is in the business. The financial sacrifices is another big one. I have to forego what I want to give the business what it needs/requires. Now, ideally, this is more of a temporary sacrifice because the business should be financially beneficial before it actually give me my time back.

But and this is a big BUT—none of the sacrifices are guaranteed to pay off. Which is why something like health (eating right and exercise) should NEVER be part of the “sacrifice.” I know maintaining my well-being is a must. A lesson I learned the hard way already.

It’s also why, the WHY behind the business—the vision, the obsession and the drive MUST matter so much that the potential of failure is still worth the risk and the sacrifices.

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