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From The Chapters of My Life Series

Diet and Exercise: The Road to Healthy Living and Self-Acceptance (Book 2)

Ann began dieting at nine years old. A few years later she had developed serious body image issues and an extreme relationship with food and exercise. She was on the verge of becoming fully bulimic, but the decision of wanting to become a United States Marine led her to the gym and lifting weights. At 16, Ann discovered she might never be skinny, but she could be strong and develop muscles.

But her journey on the road of healthy living and self-acceptance was just beginning. According to Marine Corps height and weight standards, she would do battle with making weight for most of her career, although she was strong and physically fit.

As life events unfolded and Ann encountered injuries and stressful times–her weight would go up and down from turning to food, for comfort. Her weight reached its highest, at the lowest point in her life. This is also when Ann fell to her knees and gave her lift to Christ. Her life changed drastically from that moment and God led her to push herself to entirely new levels.

After almost two decades from first entering a gym and developing a desire to compete in bodybuilding, Ann finally stepped on stage.

But that’s not where the story ends…it just takes another twist.


Men and Sex: Navigating Both Before and After Christ (Book 3)

Men and Sex by Ann BernardIn early 2016, Ann found herself laying naked in bed with a young lover, her thoughts swirling in an attempt to figure out how this had happened after five years of abstinence and leading a life committed to Christ. Where had things gone wrong? How had she fallen into her former ways so easily? And why wasn’t she feeling guilt, shame or regret?

In Men and Sex: Navigating Both Before and After Christ, Ann opens up about her sexual past, present and hopes for the future. It’s a story of being molded in a man’s world, as Ann joined the Marine Corps at seventeen, and leading a life void of true a moral compass, driven mostly by fleshly desires until a heartbreak brings her down to her knees to give her life to Christ.

The story begins with a series of first: first love, first time, and first orgasm and then takes you through the ups and downs of relationships and through the hurt, pain, and mistakes that came along the way. It all cumulates with Ann meeting her redeemer, savior and greatest love: God.

But how did she find herself sinning again? What went wrong? And what can we all learn from it?


Failures and Lessons Learned: My Ongoing Entrepreneurial Journey (Book 4)

After ten years on active duty, Ann left the Marine Corps self-assured and ready to take on the business world. Eighteen months later, after some tough lessons, overcoming steep learning curves, and letting people down, Ann was closing the doors on her first business.

Ann had the first of her humble pie and taste of failure. Being successful in the “real world,” meaning outside of the Marine Corps, wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought. She realized she could make progress, reach milestones, and achieve her goals without any of them translating into monetary gains. She could do everything right, and still fail.

A week later, Ann was embarking on her next venture, a web startup. Two years of hard work, and more tough lessons later, she was facing more failure. She had again failed a lot of people and herself. She ignored the darkness, depression, and anger enveloping her and kept pushing.

Failure eventually became too much and Ann fell to her knees, giving her life to Christ. What was God’s purpose for her life? Could she let go of her dreams and ambitions to serve God? What has she learned from failure?


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Lead and Follow: Twenty Years in the Marine Corps