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  • Pray for the Score

    The Command Cyber Readiness Inspection kicked off at 0800 on Monday morning September 19th. The months of preparing had come to an end but the lessons to be learned were far [Continue...]
  • Failing to Believe in the Women Marines

    It’s not easy to be a Female Marine. We know what we signed up for…if you didn’t, then you aren’t going to make it – it’s just the way it is. Women Marines joined the Marine Corps to be challenged, to be part of the best and we don’t expect to be treated differently. [Continue...]
  • No Picture

    The Desire to Yell and Scream

    I’ll admit it – I have the intense desire to throw a tantrum, yell, and scream right now.  I have so many big plans, goals and desires burning intensely inside of me and [Continue...]

Graduate School to the Rescue?!?

August 7, 2012 // 0 Comments

The last couple of weeks things have been “changing”… generally speaking, it’s been little changes in my reactions, thinking process, increase in interests and the [Continue...]
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