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  1. I got your back. The nice part of about having an intern or anybody is that they don’t have to be there. They can be anywhere in the work watching. You should also have them promoting leading up to the show and during the show. That way you can be full in the moment when talking. When I had my radio show I had my wife in the studio managing everything online. She rarely (if ever) said anything on the air. She also kept on eye on the camera view and would adjust the laptop if things looked odd.

    Go Team Ann !

  2. I will definitely work on finding someone. It’s not something I want to put on the station producer. I really appreciate you making me realize this is something I have to look into – staying focused on the show/talking has to be where my focus is and remains.

  3. “If only you could, without sounding completely insane, go to someone and say “You have ignited a fire in me I thought was gone, will you please join me to fuel it because I know it’s the best thing that could ever happen in our lives.”

    Ha, woudn’t that be something!

  4. Ann, I like this story better. She shouldn’t cut it because with this original story, we can understand better what you’ve been through. I’m so sorry you felt that way. Ann, you all so important to me including you and I loved you and still as you were my own daughter. For me it wasn’t the stepdaughter but my oldest out of 4 daughters. I’m glad you’re back in our lives and we still have so many good and happy years in front of us. With all my Love xoxo

  5. Thank you Jocelyne! I definitely realize how much you love me and I hope you know how much I love you. The irony of it all is that it wouldn’t have hurt so much to be distanced from you, had I not loved you so much. We hurt the ones we love. It’s an awful truth. It was very important for me to change and to see all those years through your eyes. We never intended to hurt each other and thankfully we do have many great years ahead of us!!

    Love you

  6. That’s great advice, thanks for the tip Ann! I know I’ve been caught more than once realizing the reason someone who was introducing me was not working with information I provided them was because I just didn’t give them a proper bio for myself. I think that can get in the way of your goals to establish yourself as a thought leader or industry expert, which is usually the point of doing speaking engagements in the first place.

  7. You really nailed it Jameson. It’s up to us individually to control the information that is out there on us/about us in order to maximize the impact and results you get from it. If you get an opportunity to promote yourself and what you do; you want it to be the most meaningful…it’s not like it’s easy to get opportunities so always put your best foot forward. If you can’t do it for yourself – you can’t expect someone else to do it for you.

  8. Terry Spivey // March 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm //

    Hi Ann, been working my way through your archived podcasts and really like what you bring to the table, both in fitness and confidence building / self esteem.
    Not sure what you’re looking for in these personal essays but I would like to share with you some areas of my life that I believe have greatly contributed to my understanding of confidence. I won’t explain everything today ,I’d like to leave that open for some dialogue between us as I think your “LoopofConfidence” invention is amazingly creative and intelligent.
    for starters with me It’s identifying who I am in Jesus my Lord,that is crucial for seeing the bigger picture, “this is the day that the lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”
    Secondly I have grown incredibly through an old school book that should be required reading in business, schools, and even the gym…”How to win Friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie (first published in 1936)this book is a powerhouse of advice and wisdom on self-confidence. I wish it had a better title, it does give to some people the impression it’s how to manipulate people, but nothing could be further from the truth. Carnegie wrote the book originally for gun shy salesmen who were failing miserably in their profession . His goal was to bolster their self esteem in order to speak confidently about the product they sold. As the book progressed the general public began to see that the principles Carnegie laid out were more towards living life out of comfort zones and turning negatives to positives. the follow up book, “How to stop worrying and start living” (published 1944) picks up right where the previous book leaves off. it would be fun to shoot you some paragraphs from these books and hear you unpack them on your radio show or your youtube videos. Next time I’d like to share with you what I’ve come to understand about how women and men see and achieve confidence differently .

  9. WOW, I too recently decided that I needed to get healthy again because the competition diet had my hormones completely out of whack. I HAD to make a change and get myself healthy again. I had to increase the quality of life. I am not on a high protein, high fat, low to moderate carb “diet” (if that’s what you want to call it). I am looking to lose about 10 lbs as well and I am interested in increasing performance for running. I think I have had enough of being judged on aesthetics, Now I am ready to run again and increase energy and performance and to “fix” this metabolism. This was very enjoyable to read, as we both seem to be trying to get healthy again and have both had a shift in mindset. I was beginning to prep for a show this season, and I was completely burnt out. I want something I can live with everyday for the rest of my life, not just to be ready for a show. Will I ever step on stage again? I don’t know. If I can find a way for running and this type of diet to mesh, then I certainly will.

  10. Jill,

    That’s crazy how we are/have been going through the same thing and my thoughts are exactly the same. I want a higher quality of life and better health. I’m training to eat right now 🙂 Training for endurance, cardio health and to maintain my strength. I’m enjoying it a lot better. I’m not looking to put on anymore size. And I want to be able to EAT! I love the food I’m getting to eat and since I’ve changed the way I train I’m dropping weight. Once I’m at the weight I want to be at – I’ll keep training the same but increase what I eat.

    I don’t know how women are able to diet the way we were dieting year after year. Huge props to them. Like you, the competitor diet totally messed up my hormones and was having a negative affect on my health.

    If I can figure out how to get ripped up on this diet – then I’ll step on stage again…otherwise, I’m just gonna have to find other things to compete in.

    Glad I’m not alone. I don’t want to knock the sport of BB, it really isn’t for everyone.

  11. Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I
    really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?

  12. Debbie Henry // November 23, 2013 at 9:34 pm //

    What a nice thing to read. I’m so glad things are going so good for you Ann. I don’t know u as well as some of the other girls in ur family but I love hearing any good things about you all. My prayers are with you in your travels! Love Debbie

  13. Debbie Henry // November 23, 2013 at 9:35 pm //

    Hope I did this right ha ha not ever sure. 🙂

  14. De Hillyer // November 24, 2013 at 8:43 am //

    You are on target, as joy can come even in the midst of negative times. My prayer is for you to continuing growing and to be at peace along the way.

  15. Elizabeth // January 5, 2014 at 4:14 pm //

    If I had been required to do 3 pull-ups to graduate OCS and commission, I would not be a Marine today. This is in spite of the fact that I started building upper body strength *as soon as* I decided to apply to OCS and worked on upper body strength for a solid year before I went. I know a lot of younger female Marines who will have problems meeting the standard, and I know some older female Marines who will also have problems due to persistent medical issues, just as I know some older male Marines with the same problems.
    One thing I haven’t seen in this whole debate is *why* 3 pull-ups is the standard. Quite frankly, there are a lot of jobs in the Marine Corps that don’t require you to need any significant upper body strength to be successful. And then there are some jobs where you need a lot more than just 3 pull-ups. Once you’ve determined the physical strength requirements for specific MOSs, you need some sort of scale with which to differentiate those who try and those who don’t (like the CFT). It’s not clear to me how 3 pull-ups does either of those things.

  16. Gene Mattingly // January 25, 2014 at 7:37 am //

    That’s some very meaty (mature) revelation…thanks for sharing your heart Ann, that others too may be encouraged. God richly bless you, in Christ Jesus, by the Power of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

  17. The words of that ‘Laura’s story’ song has meant a lot to me also. For anyone (like me) going through a time like this of unanswered prayer you post really sums up the situation perfectly. Yes, we trust God, but we still get down and frustrated. I relate to a lot of what you said here. I have found that God can change things, and it is best to wait for Him to do so, or He can make us content with the way things are. Sometimes He does quickly, but other times the wait can feel so long, and filled with both discouragements and encouragements. I read in the Word for Today this morning: “But don’t ask just anybody, ask the Lord. His Word says, ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know’ (Jeremiah 33:3)”. It really sums up our situation, ask God and wait for Him to change our circumstances.
    Stay blessed.

  18. Hi Kevin. Thank you for leaving a comment. It blesses my heart the post was helpful. You’re absolutely right – God can and will change things according to His plan, will and time. As long as our focus is on Him we can be content in all circumstances. It’s easier some days then others. I just wrote a follow on post on my circumstances and what a blessing they are in fact turning out to be. It takes awhile to come in alignment with what God is showing us, teaching us but once we do we see all of his Glory and blessings. I will pray your circumstances bring you closer to God and what amazing things He is working in your life.

  19. here are some thoughts I put together a little while ago on the topic…

    If I could change my memories I could change the past; Obviously, I can’t change or invent events – they happened as they happened; But the past and memory of the past exists only in the present mind. So we can’t make stuff up, but we can change the interpretation & understanding of the past in a positive manner, and gift ourselves with new memories.

    We need to forgive everyone who hurt and disappointed us; the only person we hurt by not forgiving is ourselves. “They” are not sitting somewhere and anguishing over it – we are. For example, if I were to sit down with someone who hurt me some time ago and tell them I are forgiving them and letting it go, more than likely they will have no recollection or knowledge of what I am talking about. We continue to hold on to the burning coal of resentment and frustration and refuse to let go of it. It’s mine! I feel bad.. I’m suffering… I wonder what I should do…? The obvious answer is to let go of the coal; but I don’t want to – what will I do without it? It keeps me warm!

    We define ourselves by the bitterness and resentment we hold on to and revive on a daily basis, allowing us to maintain the unhappy sense of self in a state of denial. How can I be happy and fulfilled when i’m holding on to grudges like this?

    We need to forgive unilaterally and pre-emptively.

    Unilaterally – from one side – doesn’t mean I call them up out of the blue and say, ‘I forgive you’: more than likely they will be annoyed, and it will make me sound like an idiot and a goody-two shoes. We need to forgive them in our own minds, to ourselves.

    And pre-emptively, before they ask us to. Meaning, I’m not waiting around for them to come and beg me for forgiveness. We can live our whole lives waiting for a moment that never comes – we might live in a fantasy that this person will one day come begging on their hands and knees, grovelling, and they will say that their whole life has been ruined because of what they did or said; that they can’t sleep or eat because of the anxiety and anguish it causes them — and they will say to me, ‘Please, I beg you, forgive me!’ – and I will sit on my throne in judgement, and will say, ‘Hmmm perhaps. OK, yes. I forgive you’.

    Having forgiven, we can now create new memories and gift ourselves with a different past, which in turn gifts us with a different understanding of the present, which gives us a better perspective on the world – and the only world that exists is the world we perceive – and we can we change the world itself by being grateful. It’s easy to be grateful for the nice things and nice people in our lives, to be grateful for the people who have loved and nurtured us, for the education and opportunities we received, for the wealth and possession we’ve accumulated – but we must also to be grateful for everyone who has interacted with us – especially the people that have hurt us and with whom we are angry. But we can’t feel grateful to them until we’ve forgiven them

    Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning, or excusing, or forgetting – if what happened was ok, then there would be nothing to forgive; there must have been a genuine and intentional act that hurt you that requires actual forgiveness. It was wrong for them to hurt you, just as its wrong for you to hurt other people

    So this second level is gratitude and the expression of that gratitude – Thank you for hurting me, because that has made me the kind of person I am. If I can be grateful for the person that I am, then I have a healthy sense of self-respect and am happy with who I am.

    In the future when I think about how I once was, I will be thinking about who I am right now. We are now who we think we once were; In the future, we will be who we think we once were, and who we once were are who we are now. We create memories at every moment. And if we try to be a good person, a kind person, a compassionate person, a loving person, a forgiving person – right here and now – we will have different memories of ourselves in the future. We will have a different sense of ourselves in the only world we know and can ever know.

    So with forgiveness and gratitude we can change ourselves; we can change our sense of self; we can change our understanding of events; and we can change the world..

  20. Allison biron // August 9, 2015 at 7:12 am //

    Congratulations Ann. What an amazing accomplishment and journey! My niece and nephew often talk about joining the military and I support them 100%. Thanks for your service.

  21. Daniel Nicolet // September 16, 2015 at 7:56 am //

    J’aurais préféré plonger vers Najac et passer encore quelques instants avec vous, en silence cette fois pour ne pas troubler vos pensées.
    J’adore votre démarche, votre projet en vue de vivre votre envie d’écrire.
    Très belle rencontre.
    Et comme vous le lisez il en reste quelque chose. La vie est belle mais certains jours un peu plus.
    A très bientôt j’espère.

  22. You sound like you read my mind. I needed this piece of reassurance and faith strengthener. You know, just yesterday afternoon i was explaining to some friends about how much these following 2years are filled with unknowns, stress and excitement.

    Good writing.

  23. Beautiful. Splendid.

    This piece spoke to me. Some years I’ve been fighting. This past year I have been gaining some ground, but still falling. even bargained with my greatest asset that my God had given me and i’m scared that He might take it away. But i wish and still fight for more faith, strength and direction.

    Watching 1 movie taught me 1 important truth about confession. And i need to do that often,

  24. Barbara Hale. Belize // April 29, 2016 at 7:52 pm //

    Ann,this web site is full info and beautifully put together If u do not mind I would like too give David my world traveling son your web site address. It was such a pleasure to met you and hear your testimony and your travel
    I plan to continue your faith aand world wide travels with you. Your new friend in Christ

  25. Great post, and outline for how others can use Tinder.

    The perception of Tinder with many adults has completely changed, and matches exactly with how you are using it. There are some who use Tinder because they want hookups, but if the Ashley Madison data leak taught men anything (most of the profiles for women were fake, and women were paid for online interactions), it is the a vast majority of women are just not into using the Internet or apps to scheduled hook-ups.

    Not sure if you agree, but the other facet of Tinder (based on my past experience and those of my friends) is that it is fun. People love diving into it, and swiping around.

    At the end of the day, I think most of us are looking for ways to meet people, and get out and do stuff with someone who shares our interests. And if you are like most people between the ages of 35 and 45, you have probably tried every dating site / app that is out there – or felt like you have. For all its simplicity, Tinder has a refreshing quality to it.

    Hope you have some great experiences!

  26. Ann Bernard // June 6, 2016 at 3:25 pm //

    It matches exactly how you are using it. For a woman’s perspective this is an excellent app. You don’t get bothered by guys you’re not interested in. Only those you select have the ability to message you. Again…if you pick the wrong person, it’s pretty much on you. It’s easy to give this app a bad rep–if you’ve never used it. Don’t think I find the swiping all that fun. Really would just have a pool full of ideal options, but it can be interesting to read what other people are all about and check-out their photo selection. Again, you can tell a lot about people by what pictures they choose.

    Men do seem to come across more bots, but I think it’s those looking for hook-ups. I’m sure there are plenty of other real girls on there.

  27. I did wnder a few times if u were ok, though u got sent down range, good u are still you!!

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