WhyGoSolo Coming Offline

(I wrote the first part of this post 4 weeks ago)

In the next couple of weeks, WhyGoSolo (and Tickets with a Twist) will both come offline. I’m not entirely sure when the end came…however, I do know it was before now; it just took me this long to admit it and come to terms with it.

I feel just as strongly and passionately about the concept/premise of WhyGoSolo and Tickets with a Twist as I did two years ago, but I currently don’t have the resources to pull it off; the most important resources being the money, drive and energy to revive it.  I made some attempts that all lead nowhere.

Two years ago, we were in pace with and in some respect ahead with development – now, we’re behind.  No matter what, the sites would have to come offline for a full facelift and I don’t have the developers or money for developers to revive the technology or to go mobile.

Two years ago I was in the buzz and part of creating buzz…now, I don’t really care.  I’m not done “playing” online by any stretch of the imagination, but my involvement will be different. The echo chamber got old real fast and I got hung up on things that really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I’m coming out of the last two years with baggage: exhaustion, guilt from letting people down, knowledge of mistakes I shouldn’t have made and a mountain of debt I’m still trying to pay off. I’m also still angry at some things that happened and things that didn’t pan out.

I can’t even begin to honestly describe how shitty having to write this post about pulling the plug on a dream and vision is like.  People who don’t dream big will never know what killing a dream feels like. This is my second time doing it and it’s much worst this time. I’m thoroughly humbled and awaken compared to where I used to be.

Now that the end is here, I want to close this chapter by acknowledging and sending thanks to all the people who at some point or another got involved in WhyGoSolo, all the developers, WhyGoSolo members, bloggers, DC Tech community, Pownce crew and all others who supported me and our efforts.

Above all, I want to acknowledge and thank Darcy Laycock and Michael Busselli who both really stuck through till the end – literally till the end; they will be the ones pulling the plug and purging the databases.

I wanted success for WhyGoSolo for Darcy and Michael more than I wanted it for myself – I was not able to deliver the grand vision they joined the team to realize and that is the HARDEST part of closing the sites down.

What’s Next?!?! (Four weeks later)

I was still extremely hurt and angry at the thought and need to shut down the sites, a month ago, when I wrote the first half of this post.  I still needed more time to accept what was inevitable.  Now, I’m in a much better place. I’m finally in a place where I can take what I’ve learned and apply it to something new under Yut Media Inc.  Although,   this time I’m going to avoid fighting the uphill battles that have always kicked my ass:

  1. Entering a field/area that I have no background or contacts in
  2. Being heavily reliant on technology and development to get started
  3. Needing investors to succeed – Success makes getting investors a much simpler process
  4. Stressing myself with unrealistic expectations and pressures
  5. Starting a business that I think will eventually be fun. I’m starting something that will be enjoyable and fun from day one.

I’m in a good place with my life.  I don’t remember ever being this happy or satisfied with my present and the outlooks for the future.

I’m more relaxed, balanced, in-tuned, grateful and knowledgeable/cognitive of what needs to be done to meet my dreams than ever before.  I’m not pressuring myself and I feel I have already had a huge win in my life; realizing what happiness truly is and what it means to live life.

I have a wonderful life NOW. Turns out I didn’t need to realize my dreams to have a wonderful life; it was mine to have all along.  Having a wonderful life does not take away my burning desires to realize my potential/ambitions and build an empire to call my own.  However, now I get to do it and enjoy it a lot more.

Life is a journey, it really is. Life will show you everything you need to know about yourself and the keys to happiness, inner peace and being absolutely content.

You have to grow, act and change your thinking and circumstances for life to bring you the opportunities you’re looking for.  I left DC and moved to New Orleans.  I changed the way I did many things once I arrived to New Orleans – different behaviors and actions have brought me different results and outcomes!! I’m taking that new mindset into business along with everything else I’ve learned – lets see where that will lead me.

Will it be Anti-Climatic??

Last night, I put up the todo list on my whiteboard for the soft launch of Tickets with a Twist on Sunday. Today, I’ve been wondering about what the launch will feel like. Launching WhyGoSolo was such a monumental event to me (us) and this one…like I mentioned in another post, feels so much different.

This launch is different for many reasons. First, it will be a soft launch – meaning, we’re going to keep it extremely low key since we will not have the quantity and variety of tickets I was anticipating. Second, our widgets will not be online and third, the live site will require additional testing. Although it’s being currently tested on stage, when it goes live it will require additional testing…particularly since it ties in and interacts with the WhyGoSolo site.

The other factor that have me wondering about what the launch on Sunday will be like is because of how much of a big deal the launch of WhyGoSolo was to me and all of us involved. The team was much bigger and development had been ongoing for almost five months. I had been prepping for the launch for almost a year and the compilation of all our efforts were finally coming together.

I was also dedicating my full time and energy to WhyGoSolo back then, while for this launch, I’ve been and still am juggling a full time job.

I don’t know if saying that we were over hopeful or just slightly naïve is proper, but I know I had imagined that launching the site was going to make huge things happen over night. I had unrealistic expectations. Now, I feel like my feet are better planted where they need to be.

When we launch on Sunday, out of the original team that at one time soared at eleven members (not including myself), only two original members are left (not including myself).

I’ve been thinking about the synergy between the three of us who have now been together for almost a year. Obviously, all three still see the huge potential in what we’re doing however, we are all wiser of the road we’re traveling. It’s nuts to think that we’ve been chatting and holding weekly calls over Skype with each other for a year.

Darcy was still in high school then and he’s now in his second semester of Uni (as he always calls it – he is Australian)

Michael, who was enduring long commutes back then, has since left his full time job and started a business of his own. I also just found out he is expecting his first child. CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL and HIS WIFE!!

We know bits and pieces of each other’s lives yet, we’re putting full faith into one another. On top of it all, we still haven’t met.

So it’ll be interesting what it will feel like on Sunday when www.gofortix.com is turned on and we enter a new phase. I’ll be talking some more about it Friday night at 8pm EST. Feel free to join me!