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Speaking engagements

Bring Ann Bernard to your conference, stage, event, or boardroom and witness a powerful shift happen!
Ann is an avid promoter of the human potential. As a leader of Marines for 23 years, Ann knows the importance of being an example to those she aims to impact. She shares her testimony, experiences, and splendid stories to inspire, motivate, and invigorate people to take their lives to a new level.

There’s no one else quite like Ann — the former Marine Officer, entrepreneur, adventurer, and story teller brings an impeccable attitude, vigor, and joy to her presentations that command attention and leave audiences excited to embrace change and grab all that life has to offer. Her passion, humor, and energy are guaranteed to motivate and inspire your audience. Ann aims to empower, spread hope, and offer people a wake-up call to grow, change, and prosper – she then arms them with the tools to have the courage to go ahead and pursue the impossible.

All speeches can be customized to meet your audience and organization’s needs and requirements.  Speeches are 45-60 minute long (30-40 minute long for younger audiences).

Area of expertise and topics

How to Gain a Competitive Edge by Adding Novelty into your Life

Today’s and tomorrow’s job markets are increasingly changing as companies continue to integrate machine and deep learning technologies into their processes and procedures. As more machines and bots take over jobs, the demands and opportunities for humans in the work place are shifting, requiring different sets of skills such as: creativity, social and emotional intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, active learning with a growth mindset, and the ability to rapidly adjust to change.
The skills sets of the future are not in alignment with the defaults the human race is best known for like being creatures of habits who keep within their comfort zones and aren’t generally speaking running towards embracing change.
Thankfully, there’s a proven, fun, easy, and simple way to hack old patterns and initiate the chain of growth, development, and change. The answer is novelty through new experiences and first times.



Clear understanding of how new experiences and adding novelty enhance who you are and how those benefits translate to greater success at work and in life



Find out what else the research in psychology and neuroscience have to say about the benefits of novelty.



Learn simple, fun, and easy ways to add new experiences that yield results without having to do drastic, dare devilish, or dangerous things.

Develop your own superpowers

Develop your own Superpowers

Marvel and DC have done a splendid job over the last few years bringing countless superheroes unto the big screens for us to cheer for, admire, and dress-up as for Halloween and Comic Con. What is not as well-known are all the breakthroughs in neuroscience, the health and fitness sectors, and psychology that are elevating the possibilities of the human potential. In this presentation, Ann highlights the latest research and what it means to those who choose to start actively testing what is in the new realm of possible.



The latest in research in a variety of relevant fields to expanding the human potential



How to become your own scientist and guinea pig to develop your superpowers



Reasons why the expansion of human potential is necessary

Change your mindset

Change is the new Black

Having the option to accept change is a luxury that is rapidly diminishing. There’s a lot of change on the horizon and there will be consequences for those who refuse to or are incapable of adjusting to the changes. The people who will thrive in the years to come are those flexible to the tide of change—in this presentation Ann provides concrete methods for becoming more adaptable to change.



Undeniable proof that major changes are upon us and why avoiding them is detrimental



Ways to adapt a growth mindset to embrace change



Recommendations of how to leverage change to your advantage

Media appearances

Ann is available for interviews, TV appearances, and speaking engagements. Ann is focused on topics related to elevating and maximizing the human potential. She strongly believes the constant exposure to new experiences and lifelong learning are keys being healthy, happy, and relevant in the future.

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