There are a variety of options to work with Ann!

Media Appearances

Ann is available for interviews, TV appearances, and speaking engagements. Ann is focused on topics related to travel, faith, fitness, confidence, and overcoming fears. Ann has a wealth of experience speaking to crowds and used to host a radio show. She brings energy, passion and inspiration to her audiences.

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Bring Ann Bernard to your church, stage, event, or boardroom. Ann is an avid traveler and adventurer! She shares her testimony and splendid stories to inspire, motivate, and rejuvenate people to place their trust and faith in the Lord. There’s no one else quite like Ann — the Marine Officer, nomad, and author brings an impeccable attitude, vigor, and joy to her presentations that command attention and leave audiences excited to obey God and grab all that life has to offer. Her passion, humor, and energy are guaranteed to motivate and inspire your audience. Ann aims to empower, spread hope, and offer people a wake-up call to find and believe in their callings – she then arms them with the tools to have the courage to go ahead and pursue God’s will.

All speeches can be customized to meet a church or organization’s needs and requirements.  Speeches are 45-60 minute long (30-40 minute long for younger audiences).

Area of Expertise and Topics

Title: The Courage To Obey and the Rewards

Description: This is a great presentation for new Christians or more mature Christians who have stopped relying on the Lord. Ann shares the highlights of her testimony from what drove her to her knees (failures upon failures), the initial change God made, the struggles she experienced dying to self, the confusion of the direction her obedience took her–to  growing her faith, digging for courage to remain faithful, and learning to find the rewards and blessings through it all. The audience walks away with renewed faith and understanding that God is constantly working on our lives, although, we might not see or understand how. Ann teaches her audience to see value in the long haul journey with Christ and to learn to stay obedient and faithful.

Title: Adventuring With the Lord

Description: Do you want to hear from the Lord? Do you want to get closer to Him? Where did Jesus go to pray and be with the Father? He went into the wilderness and desert — but is that still an effective way to speak with the Father today? In this adventure fill presentation, Ann shares the times and places where the Lord spoke to her, and the factors that prepared her to hear what He had to say. The audience will leave ready to embark on an adventure with the Lord for quality time in His presence.

To book her, please contact her.

Brand Ambassadorship

Ann seeks to partner with brands that reflect her values: brands that make it easier for women to travel safely, frequently, and adventurously; brands that promote living a healthy and active lifestyle. Brands that inspire travelers and people to try new things, to explore the outdoors and to do so safely and environmentally conscious.

Brand ambassadorships are long-term partnerships promoting a brand on and across social media channels. Each brand ambassadorship is custom-tailored depending on the needs of the brand.


Interested in having Ann’s unique voice and approach for your brand or destination?! Not a problem, Ann is ready to develop targeted campaigns for both brands and destination marketing organizations.

A typical campaign will include real-time social media coverage, several blog posts featuring the destination or brand, and targeted social media and/or content creation for the brand.

Rates vary based on the amount of work and coverage and all campaign or sponsored travel contains a disclosure stating so.

To invite Ann to join an existing campaign or have her build a new campaign, please contact her.

Please review the Disclaimer page.

Additionally, Ann will not promote, say or do anything that conflicts with her faith.

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